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Lets Go!

First post in a long time. Currently Red Tide in the Tampa Bay area has really started improving. While we did shut down inshore trips, we did run offshore any day weather permitted. Currently the nearshore waters are clean and alive with huge schools of bait. The water is clear with really good visibility. As shown in the picture above,…

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Winter fishing

Fishing this month has been up and down mostly due to cold fronts moving through every 4-6 days. This cold fronts bring a sudden drop in pressure and water temps making fish less active. In addition to high winds making for wet bumpy days on the. Good news is between fronts the bite has been consistent and allowing for some…

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Big Changes at Scotty J’s!!!

Well This week we purchased the New Scotty J. Our new vessel is a Sea Hunt Gamefish. It is 26ft in length, has a 9ft 2in beam, a higher free board and a deep V hull. We have also updated our permits to know accommodate up to 6 anglers plus crew. We have a Garmin Electronic package including bottom machine,…

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