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Scotty J's Charters

Welcome to Scotty J’s Charters. We are a private charter boat company, family owned and operated, located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. Our location gives us quick and easy access to the offshore waters in the Gulf of Mexico, inshore to St Joseph Sound, or various waterways around Clearwater Harbor. We are family friendly and encourage the beginner, young, or old to book with us. The “Scotty J” has two configurations, fishing or cruising, based on your trip needs, and is well suited for either. We are fully insured through Charter Lakes Insurance.

In the Gulf (with-in 9 nautical miles) you will have the opportunity, depending on the season, to chase Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Gag Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, and a variety of different sharks’ species. Depending on season and species you will either troll, drift or anchor over productive structure.

If Inshore is what you want, we are just minutes from the waters of St Joseph sound. You will the opportunity to pursue, Redfish, Snook, and Speckled Trout, using a variety of live bait or artificial.

If you wish to fish the Iconic Sunshine Skyway Bridge, we have you covered. The waters of the Skyway Bridge are what we consider “one stop shopping”. We have easy access to St Petersburg and Tampa Bay when we use the Maximo Park Boat Ramp. The shipping channel waters are deep, and the edges provide a good habitat for Gag Groupers and Mangrove Snappers. The various rock piles and bridge pilings also offer an excellent habitat for the Grouper and Mangroves as well. All in addition to the Tarpon, Kingfish, and Spanish depending on the season. In winter these same structures offer excellent Sheepshead fishing.  

At Scotty J’s we understand not everyone fishes, but they still love being on the water. We also understand it can be quite intimidating to rent a boat and just head out to an area you have never been. To help you with this we do offer none-fishing trips. Book this trip if you are interested in cruising, sightseeing, or dolphin watching,.

Scotty J’s does not guarantee fish; however, we do promise we will do everything possible to put you on the fish.  If you have a special need or request, please do not hesitate to ask and if possible, we will gladly accommodate you

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Captain Rich


Captain Rich is a U.S. Army Vet, a former Paramedic, holds an OUPV Captains licensed issued by the USCG, and a Charter Captain Permit issued through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. He is married with one son who has his own passion for hockey and fishing.

Captain Rich started fishing piers and breakwaters in Southern California at the age of 8. At the age of 14 he joined Sea Explorers which not only taught him seamanship and boat handling skills but afforded him the opportunity to serve as a deckhand on weekly fundraising charters to support the 38ft Chris Craft he was assigned to. This is where he found his passion for the ocean and fishing. The Southern California waters, along with the waters off the coast of Catalina Island, San Clemente Island and Baja Mexico offered a wide and diverse fishery. In the summers he would work as a small motorboat instructor and do harbor cruises through Newport Beach Harbor. At the age of 16 he started working summers as a paid deckhand on the fishing barges in the harbor of Long Beach, California.   

 After moving to Clearwater Florida in 2015, Capt. Rich decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a Charter Boat Captain. Capt. Rich quickly found the fishery in the Gulf of Mexico unique and differed greatly from the waters of Southern California where he had grown up fishing. The four years prior to opening Scott J’s, Capt. Rich would fish every possible opportunity, in all types of weather. He would also speak with several very successful Captain’s about species, tactics, and equipment every chance he had. He would then go out and apply that knowledge. Even though Scotty J’s could have been opened over 2 years ago, Capt. Rich wanted to be sure he had the proper knowledge, boat, and equipment for the wide variety of species and the local waters.

We look Forward to having you join us on the water!

Capt. Rich